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The Clan consists of the finest bicycle riding talent that Scotland (and a little further south ;-) ) has to offer. As you may know a 'Clan' is basically Scottish for a family or tribe. Our team is an 'extended family' of riding buddies which has grown from an initial bunch of Scottish lads and ladies to include other members from across the UK. You do not need to be Scottish to be in The Clan (but it helps).

From the outset we wanted to show off the finest skills in as many cycling disciplines as possible. We have trials riders, mountain bikers and BMXers who join us for Clan shows. What links them all is a rediculous set of skills, a lack of fear and an infectious passion for their form of cycling.

Here is a list of regular riders, and those whom have in the past and are still very much part of the extended family. If you meet any of our team at an event, please be sure to stop and have a chat with them about their cycling and your cycling. Also a little bit more info about the person behind The Clan and our special friends - what we do is more than the sum of everyone's skills, attitudes and naughtiness! Wondering which riders will be at your event? It will be the riders available on the date of your event from our pool of ultra-talented nutters!


Alastair Clarkson | Ali C

Alastair Clarkson

Style: Street Trials | Bike: Inspired Prototype | Likes: Ducks & Pineapple Juice

Ali joined the team at the start of 2010. Stepping into some very big boots - Ali was Danny's suggestion for a rider who could pull the same range of moves as him. Similar to Danny's style, Ali has come from a competition trials background and has brought BMX and freeride mountain bike influence into his riding.

Check out some footage of Ali riding BRAKELESS on youtube.

Duncan Shaw, trials rider with The Clan

Duncan Shaw

Style: Competition Trials | Bike: Echo trials bike | Likes: Healthy Food & Gadgets

Duncan is a founder member of The Clan from back in 2008. He has also done pretty much every show since! Duncan is a former UK champ from Inverness, recently graduated from University and running more of The Clan shows. He is one of the most acurate bike riders you will ever see.

Check out Duncan riding some 'natural' on youtube.

Ricky Crompton, dirt jumper with The Clan

Ricky Crompton

Style: Dirt Jump | Bike: Black Market | Likes: Tattoos and Partying

Ricky is undoubtedly the 'rock star' of The Clan. Living the lifestyle and riding bikes like the heroes of mountain biking before him (think Shaun Palmer), Ricky has an enthusiasm for riding (and everything else he does) which comes from the dream he had as a kid to make it big as a rider. A lovely lad too!

You can read about Ricky's successes in another form of cycling here.



Danny Macaskill riding for The Clan cycle stunt team

Danny Macaskill

Style: Street Trials | Bike: Inspired Fourplay | Likes: Judas Priest & Making Videos

If you know anything about stunt cycling you will have heard of Danny Macaskill! Danny brought together the riders for the Clan in early 2008 for our very first shows. In 2009 Danny released his 'April 2009' video and his life and cycling changed forever! Danny joins us ocassionally at shows when he has the time.

Watch the video that changed cycling on youtube.


Lynne Aitchison - freeride mountain biker

Lynne Aitchison

Style: DH & Jump | Bike: McGrath Pumper (hand-built) | Likes: Fighting Fires & Trying not to swear at shows

Lynne joined us at the very beginning as well on our first school tour. Lynne has an absolute fearless approach to mountain biking, with a lot of success in downhill racing and then in freeride competitions. Alas after training as a fire fighter Lynne has been tempted across the Atlantic to Whistler to ride and live there.

Check out the women-only freeride competition Lynne runs annually - Air Maiden.

Kenny Fulton, dirt jump mountain biker

Kenny Fulton

Style: Dirt Jump | Bike: Giant STP | Likes: Holidays & Fraser McNeil

Kenny goes the biggest of anyone on our jump box. The man from Bannockburn has been riding with us ocassionally since 2009, showing off his smooth style of riding in the shows. Kenny is just as impressive on his downhill bike as he is on his jump bike.

Here is some old footage of Kenny learning back-flips (sorry no Scots - English translation) - youtube.

Polly Harrison, freeride mountain biker

Polly Harrison

Style: Freeride | Bike: NS Surge | Likes: Living in Aberdeen & Rugby tackling strangers

Polly joined us this year in the absence of Lynne on our school tours. Polly was recommended by Lynne as the winner of her womens freeride competition - Air Maiden. Polly istantly fitted in to the team and was a real hit with the kids. Polly lives in Aberdeen and has a proper job!

Check out the freeride competition Polly won - Air Maiden.

Nash Masson on his BMX before moving over to his mountain bike

Nash Masson

Style: Jump | Bike: Santa Cruz Jackal | Likes: Partying & Power sleeping in vans

Nash has been in the Clan since the beginning, originally on his bright yellow BMX. In 2010 Nash moved over onto his mountain bike and began nailing super-technical tricks that should be easier on a BMX! Nash is one of the friendliest riders you could meet, and he also coaches mountain biking up in Aviemore.

This is what happens when Nash is let loose on a giant ramp with a dodgem cart - youtube.

Fraser McNeil - gone but never forgotten xx

Fraser McNeil

Style: Jump | Bike: Santa Cruz Jackal | Likes: Junk food & Kenny Fulton

Fraser joined The Clan at the start and rode with us in our first season. Fraser is another super-smooth dirt jumper, his riding truly looks effortless. Fraser is also a very talented trials rider, but sticks to his mountain bike nowadays. Fraser left us at the end of 2008 to travel and ride in the Alps and Canada.

Here is some 'back in the day' footage of Fraser riding dirt jumps - youtube.

Ross Armstrong - BMXer

Ross Armstrong

Style: Park | Bike: BMX | Likes: Aberdeen & Ear pearcings

Ross is the other half of Ashley and came down to the Outdoors Show last year for the fun of it. We had no idea how rad he was and consistently went the biggest on the dirt jumps. So for 2010 we invited Ross to join us on our school tour to show off his skills to adoring fans. A quiet lad, Ross's riding just gets better and better.

Ross rides in Transition Extreme skatepark in Aberdeen - website.

Ashley Bird - BMXer

Ashley Bird

Style: Park | Bike: BMX | Likes: Teen movie soundtracks & Trendy sneeks

Ash is the other half of Ross, both living and working in Aberdeen in Transition Extreme Skatepark. We'd heard about a rider form Aberdeen leading the way in womens BMX in Scotland and tried to get her on board for our first school tour in 2008. In 2009 she finally joined us and is always a favourite with the kids!

Check out Ash in action in one of her self-made videos - youtube.


Iain Withers, Clan manager

Iain Withers

Style: Very little | Bike: Lots and lots! | Likes: Veggie burgers & Sunshine

Iain finally hung up his fixie and delivered his last courier package in Edinburgh in 2004 and began MB7, the cycling business that runs The Clan. He has taken part in and enjoyed pretty much every form of cycling (except unicycling) and in 2008 was promoted to 'sad dad' trying to keep The Clan behaving well. Tricky...

You can find out more about The Clan's manager here - website.


Timothy Atkinson - Photography

Tim is a trials rider from Leeds who is pals with a lot of the team. He has come to a lot of our shows down south and always takes great action shots. You can tell he is a rider because he knows exactly where to be. He has worked in the bike trade for years and now also runs his own photography business in Yorkshire with a friend -

Chas Nairn - Videos

Chas is another Edinburger involved with the team. Chas did our first promo videos and also made a great video from the 2009 Outdoors Show (link at the top of the page). Chas also works in the bike trade but runs Branchild Films on the side. Indeed Chas has been making videos of some of the UK's best riders for years. Check out his site - or the Brainchild Blog.

Derm - Design

Derm is an exceptionally talented graphic designer (and graffiti artist) from Edinburgh. Derm has done loads of our favourite design work, even before The Clan was in existence. And yes, that formidable Clan logo is Derm's work. He is also very active in urban art and of course a cyclist as well, mountain biking is his hobby. Check out some of Derm's work -

Kenny Wilson - MC

Kenny is another trials rider who is very good friends with many of the team. Another lad from Leeds, Kenny has grown up riding with Danny, Ali and is a big part of the trials scene, working in the trials industry as well. Kenny is a larger than life character who is exceptionally naughty and a very nice man indeed! There is some riding from Kenny in one of Chas's early films - youtube.

Stanley Yau - IT

Stan is a good friend of Iain's and indeed helped a young Iain through the early stages of running his business. Stan runs a conglomerate of successful IT businesses in Aberdeen but always takes time to come and party hard with The Clan as often as possible. Stan is to blame for everything computery making it impossible for us to hide from work! Stan runs SunDog Services.